What if Muhammed faced the cartoons

If ever the prophet were alive or ressucted reading that danish newspaper, what would he do or say ? I guess nothing, he would just turn the page and continue reading the news …
Muhammed was used to get such situations with the kouraich and the whole unfaithful lobby who accused him with sorcery, and the ability to control people minds, dividing the son off his father and making the people leave their old beliefs, but he did that times ? Nothing, no one is wiser enough as he dared let’em down with their midnights disturbing stories, while apostles were asking him to replicate and defend his reputation, he just wished good times and that god should be mercy with them.
I won’t simulate the holy prophet reaction, but all what I want to say is that arabs have progressively turned that meaningless cartoons into an attack against Islam and Muhammed, the Islam is boxed into every faith-full heart and the prophet is standing in the 7th sky next to the lord, and just tell me how are you to defend that great man ???
what if those cartoons were published untitled and uncommented ? would you guess that they talk about the prophet certainly not ! Do those cartoons really give you for one second of “Muhammed inside”, personally I don’t think so, they were just some pencil work that were strongly spiced, yes they are about Muhammed because we have certified that through boycotts and strikes building them a free success path…
In one word forget about it, the prophet is enough positioned to defend his self, and if you keep screaming no one would hear you sit down and talk wisely, and don’t feed them with more popularity, no star would be famous is the public won’t give him interest.


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  1. Hedi says:

    I agree with you that people should stop screaming and start talking wisely about this issue. However, the cartoon would have been very much on target, and I am sure that many around the world would agree, if the cartoonist made fun of Bin Laden, Khomeini and other stupid and lunitic fundamentalists from all religions. Attacking the foundation of the faith is a little too much to digest. But I am still amazed by the violence which plays into the cartoon’s message, that muslims are violent. It is unfortunate that a great faith like Islam, is represented by illiterate, backward and mentally sick people.

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