Tunisia Blocked France soir

The Tunisian minster of Interior -based of the press code- has decided the seizure of the french daily “France Soir” entry of the last Wednesday February 1, 2006 which contained cartoons of the holy prophet lately published by the danish newspaper whose contents are offensive for the Moslems and outrageant for the noble person of the Prophet.
The goverment reaction is awesome despite the Tunisian press still focuses on football and imaginary 10 meters flying snakes, there are still many people who still ignore the fact and the remaining acknowledged don’t really matter where is Denmark?


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  1. If– as your contribution to free speech–you want to republish the cartoons here, I can send them to you…

  2. Karim2k says:

    Sure ! I would like to see how funny and bloody should be a man of 1400 years old !

  3. m2k says:

    The freedom of expression it’s well but there are limits has all, does not return with these people who do not have that only one objective is to con tradict the others. Do not forget that a day, wewill meet the messenger of god (peace be upon him) Having then respect for us same and for our values

  4. maghreblog says:

    you are linked in maghreblog.net

  5. Hedi says:

    Hypocrisy is the name of the game, and there is no excuse to make fun of anything or anyone held sacred. And that is the issue. If we have a strong democratic representation they would not have dared to make fun nof us. I admire the boycott because it shows that Muslims are civilized. Let’s boycott anyone who dares to insult our identity. By the way I am not a practicing muslim. But I love my culture and the tenants of my identity.
    Good Blog!!!!!!!!!!!

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