The 10th Tunisian Bloggers meetup

10 10th Tunisian Bloggers meetup

This one was certainly the most lovely ever ! at 13h o’clock I entred inside Biwa to find noone, I havene’t even recognized Evil drako, I’ve phoned to MMM to cut with the trouble (I often get one day before in the meetup), Subzero told me that I was right and thta he is coming, back to the cafe, but this time I have identified Evil Drako with his non-blogger friend, I sat down and made some phones to friends falling down from their bad as sundays are used to practice sleeping.
far to be at time, bloggers always came late, and that’s why the gathering of the fiest ten bloggers had taken an other hour, first I’ve saw two pretty girls in trouble like if they were searching for something, after a little hesitation I’ve asked them id they were for the meetup, they asked “yes”, so I have invited them to our table.
The were 23 peapole on the table featuring the really lovely blond journalist that seemed loving and knowing Tunisian blogs, she took some notes before Adib jumped in the next chair and started to talk for hours and as usual he give us a promising speech of maghreb Blog.
Infinity has been the key sucess of this meetup, first she invited many bloggers using her maging breeze of serenity to attract them and it worked, Imed got there in her honor, them she took the tour around the bloggers asking them how is it going socially and “bloggly” with that algerian home-made smile makinh everybody feel better, thank you Infinity !
As usual here was no agnda, but we did talk al lot about blogging as we got many new faces around, and that was naturally enough.
Update : A set of photos of the meetup shoot by imed just here


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  1. nemella says:

    just by reading this ,I wished I was with you …

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