Tunisie Telecom story

My friend W wqs very pushed up with the Telecom last changes and agrred my disagree of the last GSM fees rise adding this :

Hi people,
As you know the historical Tunisian company of telecommunication “Tunisie Telecom” (TunCell, 605-2) sold some 40% of it’s actions to one of these (Bouygues telecom, telecom espana, france telecom, italia telecom and the famous Vivendi [Canal+, 50% of TPS……]) As I know it’s finally Vivendi that hold the market 😉
Hence, the first “customer” was Buygues telecom who planned to buy, but all the companies don’t want to pay the tax for the added value (TVA) so the government planned in steps to make the people “pay” the miserable 18% of tax from now till the end of 2006 to convince Bouygues to buy)…
[Un]fortunately, Bouygues “resists” and lest the market to the benefit of the giant VIVENDI which will be the 40% owner of Tunisie telecom… And Now you know that YOU’LL PAY 11,800 instead of 10,000 (tva=18%) “one of these days” (pink floyd)… So be happy of the 0,300 till that day..
Sorry for bad news..

One sure thing TT is not gonna have the same handling as before ….


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