The illogical rise of GSM fees

Two years ago Tunisiana have landed wearing red offering instant GSM services and lower prices, while Tunisie Telecom -The monopolistic company- was offering poor services and irraisonnable delays such as you would get your GSM service after waiting a long long time I know that some people got rewarded after waiting more than one year.
Nowadays Tunisiaina sense of competition has drawn down that dark days, where the only choice for cellular services was abusive, you can get your GSM online in few minutes and call fees are debated lower than ever, thanks to Tunisiana a mobile phone is not that 16 HP engine that needs an anxious expensive refuel, it’s simple, easy and cheap.
Lately this Tuesday I was informed that the GSM recharge cards would costs 300 millimes more (about 0,250 USD), this illogical and dazzling rise is more uncomfortable than unusual, while people were waiting the fruits of a competition that took fees three times below what it used to be two years ago, those mysterious 300 millimes are certainly meaning something else than those two companies fees prices rise.
I won’t go deeper into doubts, I just know what’s wrong with fact, I’m sure that something obliged both companies at the same time to cooperate to make you pay more, but is it really for them ?
Someone have told me that the three coins of one hundred millimes are certainly the government tax, and that both cellular companies prefers keeping their fees untounced, but why ? they were able just to suppress one or two minutes call duration allowing the same expenses ? strange isn’t it ?
If my friend hypotheses is true, it show how deep the government is still doing on private companies, even if Tunisie Telecom isn’t that private it’s an other pure Tunisian governmental company.
An other key sentence in this unholy story is the purchase of 35% of Tunisie Telecom by a french company almost France Telecom, who should remake the whole company and that sounds really ugly, they should be behind all this and what’s gonna come later.
In the end I have decide to stop buying GSM recharge cards till I would be able to pay them with one coin avoiding the change search hell, it’s not a boycott, but just that I won’t pay anymore for my cellular as it becoming more and more expensive.


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  1. tom says:

    snif ūüė¶

  2. Oui, oui, il s’agit bien d’une taxe de 300 millimes sur les op√©rations de recharge sur les t√©l√©cphones fixes et mobiles… C’est en r√©alit√© un droit de timbre fiscal. Tu peux chercher l’article consacr√© √† ca sujet sur webmanagercenter.
    Cette taxe a √©t√© instaur√©e par la loi de finances 2006. Normal que tout le monde soit √©tonn√© puisque l’on ne communique jamais sur ce genre de choses…
    Il y a aussi plein d’autres augementations…
    Je te conseille d’en savoir plus dans l’article de webmanager center ou bien en feuilletant le JORT…

  3. Napo says:

    it’s a tax buddy, among others part of a package to increase gov revenues. looking at the loi de finance, the future looks gloomy, what’s ahead if even worse, 300millimes is nothing compared to the price gas that’s going to shoot up to 1.2 by feb and 1.5 by mid year (yeah, that’s not documentated but it’s gonna be surprise). the repubilic can no longer susbisidize the price of gas and honestly it should not. our society has lost touch with reality, it spends 10 folds what they earn, ridiculous !!!
    As far as takeover of TT, it’s about time, i hope they move in quickly and introduce US-style restructuring, that it firing half of its incompetent and lazy staff especially those old PTT employees who cling to their chairs and take their salaries for granted while new high talented grads sit ideal working on SIVP eternelly.

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