My Wishes for the Tunisian Blogsphere for the new year

Since I started blogging, I have been watching that little child growing up faster and faster, now he’s running along green valleys under a blue sky, I am more than ever attached to the Tunisian blogger community and so I would like to share with you things I like to see happen in the new 2006 year.
1. More valuable blogging about Tunisia, Tunisians people, traditions, towns and villages.
2. We’d like to see more bloggers from the inside of the country while more than 70% are located in Tunis (the main city).
3. More communication and sharing between blogs as quotes, reannouncement, second review, translation and more, so we would make more valuable a subject worth more noise than a single blog post.
4. More integration into the maghrebain and african blogosphere rather than some articles about economic states.
5. We want to see more young people (the average of the bloggers is about 25 and bloggers are aged between 21 and 35).
6. Better designs, I would like to help any bloggers with template redesign on demand, I think that next Tunisian blog awards would deserve a section for the best designed blog.
7. “Never enough Photos”, Yes, we’d like you to smash you cam and put your photos on the web, the max photos you can offer.
8. More serious meet-ups, with agenda and feedback.
9. You may also try to comment other blogs…
10. Trying to keep on blogging 😉
So, what if you share you vision with me ? write a few lines and tell me what would like to see this bright and fresh year !


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  1. Toon-c says:

    I completely agree.
    May I suggest to Hussein to do the following modifications to :
    1- to place the Tunisian bloggers latest posts at the root of the website,
    2- to classify the blogs,
    3- to include a help rubrique for beginners where they may find all the information on how to create a blog, host and register it (tn-blogs), and contact those of us who are ready to help.

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