Happy new year !

I have send those MMSs to many friends, but it seems that the free 50 Tunisia MMS are just blown away while the rain of SMSs yesterday night was the servers’s hell …


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  1. toon-c says:

    Happy new year to all Tunisian bloggers !

  2. Monica says:

    Hi, I am an American and have been in Tunis for two days. I am starting a travel blog soon and am (trying) to learn Arabic at the Bourguiba school for the next 11 weeks.
    Me and my friends are looking for an apartment in Tunis, but it is very hard. We were wondering if you had any advice? Sorry for the awkward request and the forward exploitation of your comment page. We just want to get out of our hotel and into a place as soon as possible and meet some people who aren’t businessmen, etc. etc.
    Thanks for your help, you have a very cool blog. Also, is Celtia any good?

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