Still waiting the bus…

The word blog remains darkly mysterious for the Tunisian public, my mother know it as it’s my being in the “ternet” (Internet), my brothers and sisters, my friends and neighbours, bloggers and people around, people who really know how to take the web down, IT real experts, … and so on, but what about the others, if we do a little mathematical statics, we get with less 2 % of this green land inhabitants that have or would heard about blogs, blogging and bloggers.
I have always been trying to spread blogging culture all around, more of 50 % of my friends have blogs such as Ash, Imed, Khlaed, Anis, Meher , Yassine,… far beyond pretending the good blogger I have to be fater years of lines dropping habit. Almost all my freinds knows that I have an active blog, with the time they have accumulated that definition as well as we hope from people who think that Yahoo is a search engine.
But who to blame really ? Bloggers ? yes ! and who else ? Media !
Why blaming bloggers while they are making the content that nerds should read and comment ? Just because we are not marketing blogging well, we are still living into “link me baby”, Other that our very intimating meet-up where “we put names on photos”, we have no other “real” manifestation, we don’t have a real existence in the real world, we haven’t dealed with others association, we haven’t passed our knowledge to other people, in a couple of words , the old bloggers as the primate lobby should initiate people other than bloggers how to blog.
The media or the “shaming biscuit devourer guys” have no interest, gain or pleasure talking about blogging, even their article about how how to read you Y! mail or how to patch your digital receiver got a wide success, they just trust some kind of experts who have nothing to do with IT, real IT people are let down in profit of those who have accidentally discovered “Ternet” with includes computing, keyboard, Install that f* toolbar, DVD players and all they other stuff. I remember that the Tv presenter from TV7 have told us that he like (as much as the old TV presenter ‘Afif”) have met computing while bathing in the air tonight two years ago, …
I know that Tunisian Blogsphere has reached somehow its edge, or we feel warm within those more than a hundred blogs, but this is all an illusion, we have almost copies and copies of the same blog style, we have poor content, awful design, and it seems that fews bloggers help each other,…
The conclusion is that we should go to the next level, the Tunisians blogs are now -more than ever- pushed forwardly to do it, and Media should be in the mod, and yes we will accept apologies and biscuits from the journalists without publishing that the anaconda is a worm coming straight down the sky. If you got any idea suggestions expose it now, today I’m totally inn !


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  1. Napo says:

    Well, truth is: Half, if not the majority of tunisian blogs have no substance whatsover, unless you call ‘hello, today i woke up tired followed by comments like: good luck, you’re the best, etc’ as a blog !!! Damn it, Iraqis under daily fire have way better blogs than ours, Furthermore, many bloggers don’t take this thing seriously, they start blogs, post three or 4 empty comments, then shut down !!!
    No wonder why the tunisian press don’t take the tn blogs seriously, though i’m not promoting intellectual blogs here, but if reader would take few minutes to comment on a post, it better be worth it. I don’t think Media is to be blame here (at least not yet), neither blame the bloggers, it’s just a matter of time for this thing to mature…and become a real alternative to press, or should i say competition?

  2. Sorcerism says:

    Like if the media in Tunisia was of any use/importance. It’s not trusted, it’s not open, it’s not even fun.

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