The anaconda has moved now to Tataouine

tataouine, south Tunisia,anaconda, press lie

One question :”Would you trust Tunisian Press”
One answer :”No”
After this disinformation adaptation starring “Jgham Ridadh” from “Al akhbar” Tunisian newspaper, sponsored by hundreds of mails exchange, then totally recycled into a “that guy is a liar”, our friend Adib was pointing to the right direction of the wind> where the anaconda was not an anaconda just a python and he wasn’t a border broker of our sandy south (Tatouiune) but so far away in Indonesia.
I have pulled back the old story just because I have found an other local newspaper trying to figure out as “the saver” of our informational knowledge, by telling other misunderstood info and unprofessional analysis.
The article above was published lately in “Al anwar” of the December 3, 2005 just an other newspaper and an other totally different press group where Muhammad and Abdel Karim (almost anonymous journalists???) are telling that the other journalist is a liar and that snake is really in Indonesia, and that they have found that information in an Arabic website, while I’m 100% sure that they have red the same adib’s article in French and confused his blog with a forum as long comments seems like a discussion board while their web knowledge are unfit with the professional status they have to be.
I don’t blame the Tunisian press, I just want our cafe seat takers to have the time to verify the authenticity of the news they are grabbing from anybody around, and then if possible it’s won’t be a shaming to say that Tunisian Blogger rocks and we have trusted our errata there.
[Adibs’ anaconda Ananlysis]
[BabNet Original article and Errata]


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  1. adib says:

    c’est un pyton d roche d’afrique il ne vit pas en indonesie!
    c incroyable corriger des mensonges par des mensonges!
    tu sais karim, moi je n lis plus la presse tunisienne depuis un bon bout de temps, il vaut mieux vivre sans info qu’avec des fausses informations √©mises par des pseudojournalistes qui se mettent a deux pour ecrire une connerie de 10 lignes!

  2. Hannibal says:

    now the contagion has reached arab media : check the link :
    To be continued…

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