Meetup 9

tunisian blogger,meetup 9

Our monthly Blogger meetup was hold yesterday in cafe 112 (in Hotel Arha at the end of av. palastine), a bunch of bloggers were there for the 9th encounter(Troubadour, Infinity, Marouen (meetup 9 godfother), Adib, Evil Drako, Subzeroblue, Toon-c (that sounds like tounsi), Tom), only one blogger was there, two newbies and a TV7 (Tunisia TV) reporter who was dicovering with notes on small pieces of paper shamely the blogging world and actors.
This meetup was not monotonic as infinfy posted, we won’t do better if we like to meet each other often, I think that meetup are very importing shaking the blogsphere, the meetup does not mean taking hot chocolate or making noise, but it intended to make bloggers feel more warm in a community better than feeling aparted in front of a keyboard.
Troubadour was complaing about the thumbail of her photos on the tn-blogs aggrgator top banner, she thinks that deserves the right to be asked bafore about that, houssein should make the tour to ask for face right.
Drako felt unconfortable in the 112 cafe and have switched with adib to Al biwa where tom, Subzer and Marouen have gone too after the 3 hours of the meetup(4-7 pm).
Toon-c was quiet a shy boy speaking only in request, while i have tried desespertly to merge new ones with the old bloggers, adib haven’t stopped speaking.
I have convinced my friend Selma to get in the meetup and discover within the magic wolrd of blogging, she agreed, Marouen was very kinding taking his time expaining what’s about : she were stupified like if she were a 5 years girls getting a new doll 😉
While adib, selma, nouha and drako were chatting in the group B, we have take our take me and the other guys speaking about IT and new business opportunities, Tom was drawing for us what should be a CRM as he got years of experience woking around.
I won’t complain about the meetup, but I have shared the summary of my thoughts with marouen , subzeo and Tom in th front of the hotel while geeting to leave at the ned of the meetup, and so I have expressed my total dissatisfaction about the quality and goels of the event :
– We have to discuss more the future and the being of the blogs.
– The new blogger were not welcmoed as it should be.
– Noone (else me and marouen) have brought with him a potientiel blogger as we’ve promised to do in the last meetups.
– I was going to suggesto a Tunisian blogger Help consorcuim.
And so on, finally the meetup was not so bad as I’ve met my best friends, but I’m sure that we can do better, just try to set up a discussion order of the facts we should discuss.
I want to re-explain to Infinity the that the Beer Blogger Meetup have nothing to do with our regular meetups, but an other totatally independant and different event where bloggers should met while drinking, many bloggers don’t want to get in the classic meetup so I have set up that kind of meetup to attract bloggers who won’t get there.
I hope I’ll see you in next meetups, getting there for those who have never met the old bloggers is so important at last once !


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  1. Troubadour says:

    le fait que ma photo soit la ne me dérange nullement mais je pense que ça pourrait peut-être déranger d’autres personnes, on ne sait jamais… ce fut une simple pensée altruiste..:)

  2. Houssein says:

    Troubadour, les photos que j’ai mis ont été déjà publiés sur les blogs. Toutefois, j’enlèverais la photo de tout blogueur qui en exprimerait le souhait. Personne ne me l’a demandé encore, même si certains on voulu changer leur photo pour une autre… 🙂

  3. Karim2k says:

    I don’t complain, my photo is not there to get changed or dropped 😉

  4. adib says:

    il fallait que notre invité de TV7 se présente de la sorte, estce qu’il est la pour une curiosité personnelle comme on a du comprendre ou pour en parler on the air?
    moi je l’ai su qu’a la fin :):)
    au fait avec drako on n’a pas décider de faire un after mais tout le monde nous a suivi a l’ex 55 devenu il trucco di venezia!
    moi j’ai apprécié beaucoup le meet up mais on a du avoir les resultats!

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