Fulah : the dream of every arabic girl

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The above slogan does the explanation, this new arabic doll was made in someways to strike against Barbie, the maricain doll, a way to re-educate children while playing with dolls like their mom’s, ant’s , tecaher’s ,… I was delighted discovering Folla in the Champion stores and Monoprix too for a very reasonnable price (five times less than barbie).
It other ways, the wish of the inventor is to create a local product with more respectfull clothing when babrie seems like a real slut, so if we need to offer dolls to our princesses we won’t offer them an expensive americain doll that could inject dirty toughts unless beeing her dream…
Even if ther’s a Nancy Ajram’s style version, it should matter just for marketing purposes, we have to offer many aspects of the sme product to avoid beeing extremist, it should show the customer that he have the choice between the well covered doll and the less one, so the partents -or the kids- should at least be able to choose and assume that choice by the way.