The hope project


After the tragic loss of my old cam (FujiFilm 1400z) I have been searching for a new one as a replacement as I can no longer endure walking without shooting everything in my sight view.
My final choice is to the cute FujiFilm S5200z shown above, that costs between 300 – 340 $, the SLR-like cam is a 5.0 Megapixel and 10x optical zoom.
So I have started a new process of “who can help getting that thing online” as I have no ways to do that, if you don’t know -from where I am Tunisia- I am unable to buy anything online.
I have already mailed many of tunisians living outside the country in Europe and America asking for a help, and I’m still waiting.
If you have a better offer, or you can help please do that now, the great aid is getting closer and I can’t face the sheep desarmed of a few megapixels knife, unless I’ll get a camera before that delay I’ll turn into the sacrifice woody animal.
Karim2k [at] [ 216 – 21 30 40 89 ]


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  1. hale says:

    Sending you an email direct about this,
    Bloggin The Maghreb

  2. riadh saibi says:

    You can check this website it is famous in the USA of having good deals.

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