My first steps down the blogsphere

My First Blogs Mouse Hunter

When in the late 2001s I have discovered blogs I was totally sold and instantly attracted, they were so few with that new trick as if you were walking on the moon, I have spend two years reading blogs before I decided that it’s time to do it by myself now.
At the beginning, I was thinking about installing my own script on a free hosting site with php and mysql, but all my essays fails down and I noticed by the same way that free blog hosting started to flow around,so I’ve made a tour where free blogs where offered to land safely in the in it’s early days, the site was suite fast and doesn’t contain unlovely ads as other free hosts use to do.
I have gone tech directly from my first post (the first chunk above before the orange separation line), I haven’t even taken the time to establish my stage and tell people who am I, or did I get experiences with extraterrestres. I haven’t maintained that blog too much, and despite I have made my first teamplate I have posted less than 10 entries.
On of the most blogs that I used to read was a Swiss site that got converted fastly into a weblog powered by b2 which is now wordpress, I like that engine very much that’s why I was far to get established in the blogger.
Suddenly I have found a cool host called 22blog (that vanished sadly two months ago), so I’ve taken all my garbage and get there, that was my real blogging start-up with a better introduction, rich posts and real comments.
At the end of the September (2003) I have received a mail from hussein offering hosting within the Tunisian blogger community as we were at that time few guys, that was the best ever invitation I’ve got in my life, in fact powered by MT with unlimited features such as uploading direclty pictures while I used to host them in an other server, …
From that time till now I’ve been a good blogger (I think so ;), and I know that many don’t like me, other think that I am a jerk while other applause and that’s sufficient to keep me going on, for the moment I don’t think leaving rundom, but I know that someday I’ll be relying in myself, houssein hospitality won’t last for the end of times.
I really like what I’ve done since that, I’m really proud of my blog, it needs a little makeup and that’s on the works, I think that “Mouse Hunter” is the best I could get in my life.
So if you haven’t never experienced the pleasure of bogging do it at least once, cause it’s on the list on must to-do ones, and remember that bogging costs nothing while love make your wallet as empty as a drum.


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  1. Karim2k says:

    Unfotunally, yes !

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