Tunis Hebdo focuses on Tunisian Blogs

A blogs is a web site shaped lika a diary where the author tells about own feelings and toughts…

For the first time, a Tunisian journalist talks about Tunisian blogs ! In fact no one of thoses lazy and fat pseudo-writers of recylced paper ahve evn given a change to blogs while the wolrd is going fat with millions of bloggers, we still keep the full spot on the trade of soccer stupid ball kickers.
Z.H (Ms. Zouhour Harbaoui) a determined tunsian journalist is giving away from the template, the man pushed by the supifiction, is telling how much he’s enjoy pyjama keyboard slammers, thoses who kisses their blogs before getting to bed, the article doesn’t take a deep look into the tunisian blogsphere, and the three onlu blogs given as example are “La rebelle blog“, “Hou-Hou blog” and “Chikipi“.
And even if the some tens of lines were not enough describing what should be the few major worth in the tunisian internet, I think that this would be a nice earing for those who never heard about blogs.
Via [Thysdrus] Via [Karthago News]
[The original article (french)]


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  1. Hannibal says:

    Dear Karim2K: thanks for linking to my post as well as to that of Karthago. By the way the initials Z.H. stand for Ms. Zouhour Harbaoui, a journalist at Tunis-Hebdo 🙂

  2. Hannibal says:

    It’s my pleasure!

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