9th Tunisian Bloger meetup

Marouen has posted a new thread about what should be the next meetup, number 9 will take place in cafe 112 at the end of av. palastine after the crossroads of av. united states and hedi shaker av.

Well, my suggestion is:
* Date: Sunday, December 25th 2005
* Time: 4pm Tunis Time
* Venue: Café 112; end of Av. Palestine Tunis Downtown (almost in Place Pasteur)

I totally agree the date and the place with Marouen, I think that it would warm up our blogs, my only suggestion is if we try to bring bloggers that have never been in the meetups before.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Hatem says:

    oups voila un survivant :)))

  2. Marouen says:

    Sorry Karim.
    It’s on December not in November. I’ve updated my post. The time also is 4pm and not 6 pm. I’ve explained why on a comment.

  3. Karim2k says:

    Updated and fixed 🙂

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