Mouse Hunter = Celtia

Mouse Hunter Celtia

As you ask google Images about Celtia, the first thumbail is my own photo holding a very green Tunisian beer, the association is deeply appreciated while it makes my blog more and more hatred by the “No Fun” assholic reader.


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  1. Hedi says:

    I wish that Celtia shares more than the name with the Celtic products, such as a taste. It is about time that we should have more than one kind of beer in Tunisia. Drinking Celtia is like drinking a colored water.
    But thank you for the notice about the search. I am sure many Tunisians now know the origin of their beer’s name.
    Great Blog and i am very sorry that you lost your camera.

  2. tom says:

    ya 3ini… mouch ken ta3mel partenariat a7sen 😉

  3. k-pax says:

    @mouse hunter. excellent ! 😉

  4. imed says:

    il bien visible que tu ne trouves rien à foutre au bureau !!

  5. Karim2k says:

    Thanks everybody !
    Hedi : We like Celtia beacuse we don’t have an alternative , so
    Tom : I’m willing to do that ..
    K-pax : Yesss
    Imed : I’ve blogged that trick sunday night from Moez’s G4.

  6. Yassine says:

    We Dawini belli kenet heya Edd2..
    Chikh 3ada ya Chlaf, Hek wellit official Celtia sponsor, Kima Nansi Ajram emte3 Coca Cola…
    Enjoy it

  7. Riadh Saibi says:

    i checked celtia at google image and i thought you are kidding, but it was true. If you were in the usa and you got this favor, you will be making a lot of money commercializing the product. I hope Ce;tia will contact you only if they know what it means google in the world market.
    Good luck

  8. Iskander says:

    Ahh non.. il y a erreur sur la marchandise… je veux ma Celtia, pas ta tronche … C’est pas sérieux ça messieurs les administrateurs de Google…

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