After beeing blocked for a while promising myself posting pasts events, I’ve decied to come back with empty wishes for the past, i’m looking forwarding my blogging fever as never, I’ll try to post about apst events unless letting them down, i’m still making joy of my digital cam, but willing to laaunch an new operation the ame style of “saving the blue whal” where I’ll try to collet some cmoney to get new camera as my Fuji FinePix 1400Z is strying to let me down and my Sweex 3200 sucks.
I’m willing on you to read this insane blog and them to insult me while commenting (I’ll be in the bathroom is somone asking for diner’s mising salt), I’m just getting more jerk…
If you’re willing to see a shemfull no limits tunisian boy in action come around here beer and girls, beer and fun are still my ultimate weapon to show off my miserable person.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ramzi chabbar says:

    come on dog!Get your shit together.A lot of people depend on your pictures. you are the only one who is keeping it reel. I love your style.
    PS. I know it’s tough out there, short on money and not too much support. But half of the young men who made it here in the States started from the garage of their homes. Peace out.

  2. imed says:

    aya t7arrek !!

  3. adel says:

    chlaaaaa! u’r the best!!!!

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