Life in Ramadan

ramadan tunisia fasting sawm lafayette

You’ve certainly heard about that special moth of the year where moslem use to stop eating, and certainly told your self “Those peapole are stpupid !!”, in fact Ramadan is a holy month in the Hijri calender (year 1426) based in the moon mutation cycle, rather than a mathematical logical cycle, in ramadan moslem use to fast (sawm) wich is to stop eating from the sunshine till the sunrise, and when I say stop eating it’s obivious about anything that can get swallowed including drinks, cigarettes, vulgarity , sex , kisses, and lies.
The fasting is some kind of body control, or just some kind of Yoga where you masters your body by rejecting all the external elements of your body making your soul more and more powerfull, some kind of purity process that last a whole day, if you can resist a whole day with no food, smoking and sex, you’ll certainly rediscover the real you, you’ll touch touch your soul as deeper as you won’t imagine.
I practice fasting myself sometimes -Althrough atheist- to get it’s benificts, I do it with all the conditions wanted, most of the peapole stop eating, but start hallucinating ling, and doing bad on others … and so their fasting is totally false,anyone can fast once and try how much he can resist if ever he encounter a disatser where no food and no water is foundable, or if he have to get in beauty gils school without haveing the desire toi touch them … you know some trainig is wonderfull … try to fast a half day and you’ll certainly got better !

ramadan tunisia fasting sawm lafayette

Me and my fren walid were all ok about ramadan, we’ve got all the options on the table (I like this sentense), we’ve done everything ourselves and for the first day of ramadan (15 days ago) we’ve cook a chorba (a soup based on cerals), dates with butter, some milk, … just take a look at our table !
The table was ready before the sunrise heard through the Maghreb prayer call, at when the Lfayette streets where totally empty while in the other it used to be so crowded.
Happy ramadan to you !


12 Comments Add yours

  1. tom says:

    looks delicious 😛

  2. cobragold says:

    where did you stole the tv lol imed maybe lol call 911 please for this thieft

  3. k-pax says:

    c la première fois que je lis quelque chose d’assez censé sur ramadan : la philosohpie du ramadan. venant d’un athée, non seulement ça ne me surprend pas mais je dis aussi “mazel el khir feddyna” 😉
    happy ramadan mouse hunter 😉
    PS : les dattes au beurre “yahbtou direct ferrkeyeb” 🙂

  4. etta says:

    snin deyma karim 🙂
    il y a un an ,…je te lisais tout le temps…j’avais tout pleins d’articles pour mon mémoire à lire..j’étais à l’aise..depuis..j’ai ôublié mon “maigre anglais”…
    je fais des efforts pour que je puisse te relire 🙂

  5. Tunsi says:

    I love your blog. Keep on writing.
    What a wonderful story. What matters the most is the beauty of the culture and the sense of identity. Belief is a secondary issue.
    Romdhan Mabrook

  6. Hedi says:

    I love your Blog. Keep on writing.
    Your story is wonderful, because it shows that culture and identity matter not only belief.
    Romdhan Mabrouk.

  7. Voila un autre qui se sert de la presse comme nappe 😀 Life long au celib de ce monde ! 😀

  8. Jamel says:

    what a F..k, this is not Mr Ramadan, it is Amm Romdane. he is always h

  9. Hedi says:

    EIDKOM Mabrouk!!!!!!!!!

  10. hannibal says:

    Mannn where have you disappeared? hope you are doing ok.

  11. koffiekitten says:

    pity no update 😦

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