The green window

My Green Window

At the office, your bureau is alike anyone on a giant buiding, we rarely see peapole who try some to make up their working space, and that’s not the case of one my collegues (a charming lady in our local office at Ben arous some 5 km southern Tunis) who despite the ugly window view of a metal recycling factory, has put some green in her bureau.

My Green Window

The few plants and some fake roses upon a little space on the window were enough to spread a really peacefull atmosphere to cut off with our painfull life as hard paper workers, she says that everytime she felt bored, anxious or tired she just look backward to “her smooth garden” and all the fears and tears fly away, I’m so excited with that idea that I’m willing to same at work and at home, she promised me the help is I would establish my own green view. And what about you ?
[More photos of the green window view]


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