A new Tunisian Blog : TuniZika

TuniZika (a compound name of Tunisian muZika) is a new Tunisian blog cutting far with the habit of the others blogs, it’s some kind of E-zine that offers a bi-monthly audio program presenting Tunisian music that you will certainly never hear in national or private radios here in Tunisia.
The first issue of 16 minutes (arabic) is heavily commented by the author who is fastly presenting the artists where he is dealing about the greatest unknown tunisians artits almsot living outside the country :

Title: Sba7 El Khir
Artist: Aspirine
WebSite: http://www.yazanalrousan.com/
Email: Aspirine

Title: Lamma Bada
Artist: Neshez
WebSite: http://www.neshez.com/
Email: Neshez

Title : Hardcore
Artist : Nizart Feat. Vagabondo
WebSite: http://www.mac125.cm/niz-art

Title : MuGuf System
Artist : Zemeken
Site : http://www.zemeken.com/

Even if it’s an E-zine more than a regular blog, I found the author’s eforts to present Tunisians artits is great worth promotion and encouragment and I just stand for that job.
[TuniZika Blog]


2 Comments Add yours

  1. DjBouzz says:

    Salut Karim,
    Merci pour l’article… j’ai cherché ton email partout j’ai pas trouvé… je te laisse le mien… djbouzz@yahoo.com contactes moi…

  2. skan! says:

    Le monde est petit 🙂
    Nabeul , 1999 , Residence des etudiants , une discussion a propos d’une certaine maison de la culture de Zaghouéne et d’un club info…du publinet de Nabeul qui venait d’ouvrir , et d’un mot qui est resté associé à ta tete 😀 : Shlafonka !!
    on dit que “Tounés Sghira” , eh bien meme le “Cyber-Tounés” sghir …
    Souvenirs , souvenirs , contacte Moi tu en sauras plus 😉

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