The Goodbye “Zizou” Meetup

Goodbye zizou

Everybody was there, the some 4 bloggers (Me,Troudabour,Tom,SubzeoBlue and my Moez the G4 Boy) around a goodbye coffe table last saturday with no tears and no fear. We just got there to have a little bloggy talk and say good bye to our of the best tunisians bloggers : Zizou from Jerba (In fact from Menzeh 9).
The talk was very intersting and we’ve been talking about 2 majors facts : the blogsphere, and Lebanon where our zizou gonna stay there for one studying like a beast, the discussion was awesome as we were just six on the table and I did throw my anxiety on the table, I have been blaming for many bad asopetcs of the Tn blogs.
Zizou like ever swept into the non-stop talking VIP, and so he turned his radio on (the direct competitor of Adib), he was talking with a let-enter-flights big mouth while Moez was torally blazed by the new speaking style as he were used to get in with girls or with stupid kick-ass brave men, he was shocked too shocked that he didn’t prounced so many words in the whole event letting down his hunger for speking masturbation.
Yo zizou take care of yourslf, we will miss you, go my child beyrouth is waiting !


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