Google Blog Search

Google Blog Search

The giant of web search is getting more and more about blogging by creating a special search engine section, as images, groups, froogle, … It has started a new blogsearch tool dedicatd totally to blogs (under a beta version).
The advancerd search offers the same options as for web, with the addition of the post date : anytime, last week, last month, … or between two specific dates and the ability to sepecify the author, wich is great options when bloggers use to post in many blogs.
It doesn’t search in recent posts, it seems that it grabs data some hours or a 24 hours later and that’s not important as it’s the same for regular web sites.
This new Google’s tool seems awesome promising a better search over the blogsphere, it just needs some, when I have typed “Mouse Hunter” I got all my posts back and when I specified that I want to see posts by “Karim2k” as author, I got my “Mouse Hunter” blog, plus my two old blogs, funny too funny, I like ! and you ?
[Google Blog Search]

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