Back From Sidi Bouzid

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Last wednsday we’ve left Tunis at 3 am early in the moring (or may be late in the night) our office car traced a route till the middle of of the south, direction : Sidi bouzid aka Sidi bou (they claim it against Sidi bou Said’s abbreviation), at first I tought that I will face a dry climate with a sandy landscape and that was false, in fact Sidi bouzid is a ver rich agricultor area with the taste od the south, it makes a real breakpoint between the greeny noth and the yellowish south.
The town of sidi Bouzid is a really tiny, one big streets some administrations and tores and that’s all, it wouldn’t be greater that for example Lafeyette or may be smaller, it’s urbanism style is well shown by the onlt two artworks that I did shoot, after you’ll certainly calss it as a village no more than a rural small poppulation ceoncentration.
Sidi Bouzid is know for it quality sheeps, and we’ve tasted that while the grill was holding more than 3,5 Kg of pure meat, I got fat and didn’t finish the meat party.
On the road I’ve taken more than one hundred photos of the moutains all around, the awesome dry elevations were awesome, then when reaching Tunis before the Highway finish line, I’ve also taken an other doezn of photos of the sunrise, I wish if you would take look there.
[Sidi Bouzid and sunrise Gallery]


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