Monoprix stores reopened

Monoprix reopened lafayette Al horria Tunis Tunisia

After more than 5 months of a remaking of, the oldest stores in AL horria Avenue “Monoprix” reopens again, as beeing shaked by the new “Champion stores” that swallowed all the Lafayette clients, moving all pave walkers to Palastine Avenue, the Monoprix that have already devored “Touta stores” belonging to the same group, a renovation program was a must do or die.

Monoprix reopened lafayette Al horria Tunis Tunisia

The oldest stores all over Tunis is now modern, chic and better organised as they have suscribed external services from “MAS”, the same services provider of champion for security and cleaning. New cash register, credit cards accepted (aboce the amount of 10 TND) fast shopping, a wide choice of products, more fruits and vetegabbles, a smaller and better organised alcoholic drinks section (my homeland of shopping).

Monoprix reopened lafayette Al horria Tunis Tunisia

The new lafayette stores belonging to the CNSS group (The monopolic half-private social security compagny), is just smarter that before, anxious about how peapole could intercat with them as their neighbours “champion stores” are getting more poppular. They are offering studied prices, many discounts and a lot of promotional products. One of the new tricks about monoprix is the mobile phones section, no other electronic instead, but we can find a large choice of CDs and DVDs, I’ve been really happy to find a excellent selection of movies that I haven’t found outside. I have also noticed that at every section of products a specilized reseller was there to assist customers in their shopping.


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  1. koffiekitten says:

    I was wondering what happened to that store when we we’re there last july.

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