The Omega 3 eggs are just GMO products

GMO Eggs Tunisia

Many of you have certainly noticed the new Al Mazraa product, the 6 pack eggs called Oméga 3, prentending greater beneificts, other than it’s rocketed price (the 6 eggs pack equals the price of 24 egg classic pack), this is one of the GMO (Genetically modified organism) new products in Tunisia, without no special notice, you’ll certainly refer the hightest price to a better quality of chicken, and that’s totally false.
The GMO Chicken are genetically manipulated so that it can produce better eggs, the pack does not contain any notice about it’s OMG nature and so you’ll put it in your basket, pay it and get home happy with those luxury eggs.
The question is that when I’ve tried to get a look the tunisian law about GMO products I have found nothing , nada, not even a small note, when those products must be certified by a national independant organism, the trick must be tested in order to be exposed for sales, and when it get certified, it must have a big note showing that it’s not coming out straight grand-pa farm, but the master-piece of the gathering of biologists.
The OMéGa 3 already contains it’s own defintion, like if they would like to warn you that they are not regular eggs, while exposed in the same section of the natural chiken eggs, anyone would basketed it, unless the price will certainly makes you switch that choice.
My question is how can we trust such products, with no certification, no warning and information ? did the Tunisian law managed an action of the matter ? does it mean that we can practice cloning with no fear ?

There are a number of compelling reasons to completely avoid genetically-manipulated and herbicide-treated food ingredients from soy, corn, canola, dairy and potatoes. Children should be particularly careful to avoid such non-organic food ingredients.
1. Scientists attending the Open-ended Working Group on Biosafety …, on grounds of injury to public health, Monsanto’s genetically manipulated (GM) [herbicide-resistant] Roundup-Ready (RR) soybean….
2. A recent experiment conducted by independent expert Dr. Alpad Pusztai in the United Kingdom has shown that genetically-manipulated foods can, when fed to animals in reasonable amounts, cause very gradual organ damage and immune system damage.

Scientists from all over the world are reporing health hazards caused by the consumption of GMO foods, I don’t see no warning in the pack, the press is keeping silent or let’s say like everytime ignorant, we should take it seriously, those products are exposing our health to the danger !
[Health Hazards of Genetically-Manipulated Foods]


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  1. salsabeel says:

    Good it’s an intersting post !

  2. k-pax says:

    d’où tiens-tu les infos selon lesquelles les oeufs Oméga 3 viennent de poulets manipulés génétiquement ? c une info suffisamment grave pour qu’on s’interroge sur l’exactitude de sa source.

  3. Karim2k says:

    The informations I’ve collected are based on a biologist testimonial, have you ever asked yourself why does a 6 pack eggs costs 3,500 TND ?

  4. k-pax says:

    tu as raison pour le prix. si cela s’avère vrai c un beau scandale. mais n’y compte pas pour que les journaux en parlent ici.
    remarque : c la première fois que j’entends parler de poules modifiées génétiquement. faudra que je vérifie cette histoire avec un ami véto.

  5. k-pax says:

    précision à propos des Oméga 3. le site de l’émission “La Santé au quotidien” (connue pour son objectivité et son indépendance par rapport des labos et des firmes pharmaceutiques) en donne la définition :
    il ne s’agit aucunement d’OGM mais d’acides gras (lipides)présents dans les aliments naturels tel que le poisson. Leur consommation régulière contribue au bon développement des enfants et lutte contre le cholestérol et leur carence favorise asthme et allérgies.
    ma question : les oeufs contiennent-ils naturellement des Oméga 3 ou alors cet élément a-t-il été ajouté artificiellement ? je vais me documenter là-dessus.

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