The Big dilemma Between “Tunis” and “Tunisia”

Tunis Tunisia

In a quiz with one million dollar asked the capital of Tanzania you would loose all your money and give up that Red Ferrari forever, when suddenly saved by the alternate question “What is the capital of Tunisia ?”, the answer is the easy doing of blanking the last two letters “ia” when you’ll get Tunis you’ll get you money back and the love of that blond by the way. And as it seems too kiddy, The main town of Tunisia is Tunis, the official name of our republic was based upon the Tunis’s city name till some decades, the post name of Tunisia before July 25th 1958 (The setup of first republic of Tunisia) was the country of Tunis.
Many people especially tunisian have a native confusion between Tunis and Tunisia till “The Republic of Tunisia” sounds really a waste quantum and misuse or the precious time, for foreigners who don’t have red the 3000 years of the country history would simply comply with the natives names convention of just look in their plane tickets and then choose Tunis above Tunisia as it sounds like an 80s Music hit.
“I am going to Tunis”, this sentence is a wide area of studies as you have to know who and when and where he have gave up his land to crawl to Tunis.
1. If he is outside Tunisia, he would say that he is getting to the Republic of Tunisia located northern Africa.
2. If he outside the Main city Tunis (kef, sousse, Bizerte,…), that’s means he’s willing to get To the main city of Tunis located northern the republic of Tunisia.
3. If he is somewhere around Tunis (Ariana, Hay El khadhra, Il mallacine), this show easily that he’s gonna take the metro, car or bus (or even on feet) to get in Tunis city.
4. If he inside Tunis city itself somewhere in Lafayette or the old Media, he is bored and whishes to get a coffe or a shopping race in the deep center of Tunis witch concretely fingers the Avenue and the around streets.
5. The all in one use may also refer to both The republic of Tunisia and Tunis main city and if you are enough centric the town center, jack said :“I’m going to Tunis”, who want to say that he is flying to the Republic of Tunisia landing in Tunis city and getting to Tunis city center to meet with Hammadi.
The forwarding to Tunisia is always associated with the prefix “I’m getting back to home”, while going to Tunis is always a matter of going up, like if Tunis was a sky city or needed an extra elevator, it’s also a common expression in the Tunisian jargon used for describing the motion to the big cities : “Hey, I’m going up that city or that city”.
So let’s recapitulate : Tunis is the capital of the “Republic of Tunisia” aka Tunisia, if you’re outside the borders you have to clear up your sentence, Tunis is not Tunisia even if it would be your real destination, I’ve seen many people -Tunisian included- scratching Tunis for all purposes, even if it’s a known geographic expression in Tunisia, you should use your own strategy to show where you are and where you’ll be.
We should banish this big conflict of names from our current discussions and try to say it clearly as much as possible, we should say :”I’m flying to Tunisia”, for foreigners on a plane seats, for those coming down they should just say “I’m exited getting in Tunis”, while the for those the coffee is a special matter of The big avenue, let’s just declare “what about coffee in Tunis center ?”.
So, is the fog still on ? I don’t think so, next time you’ll be making plans for trips, consider my speech and be a true !


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  1. samitriani says:

    I don’t know if you talked about, but Tunisia and Tunis sounds the same way in arab. Both of them are called “Tunis”, that’s the origin of confusion !!!

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