Afrique Magazaine Spotts the dark world of blogs

afrique magazine blog blogshpere MFS

Aux quatre coins du Web, les internautes s’épanchent dans leur blog-note. Tout y passe : émois amoureux, politiques, problèmes sociaux… Surf sur ces espaces de liberté, en plein bouillonement.

For the first the press spotts the Maghrebians blogsphere highliting the Tunisian blogsphere as a premier in that crwod, the author of Afrique Mazgazine was talking about the MFS as a new wave of expression as long for freedom homosexualty, the 2 pages article is little foggy and doesn’t really cover the aim of the blogs, it just give a little invitation discovering this unkown land.
The author must be a good moslem by avoinding my blog in his text, he would be dazzled with my drink parties and da beach photography scene, anyway, my freinds were prized as much for Adib, Infinity , Subzero, Gerimino, … If we talk about the tunisian blogsphere it’s just enough.
I have already scanned the 2 pages article and made it valaible for download.
[Download The Maghreb Blog Mania 500 Kb PDF file (French)]
Via [Adib] and [Manel]


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Hatem says:

    Tunisiens tj en tete (je sais pas pk on cherche toujours la tete) :p
    By the way the author name is “Fadwa”, its a gurl :))
    And thanks a lot for the scanning !!!

  2. adib says:

    c’est une diagonale de la blogosphère!

  3. adib says:

    merci pour le scan

  4. Karim2k says:

    Hatem > A gurl or an ET, it sucks !
    Adib > Diagonal or vertiacl I aleady hate her !

  5. Manal says:

    Merci Karim pour tes mots et pour le scan, beaucoup de bloggeurs pourront ainsi lire l’article, Merci beaucoup…

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