The 360° view from the top of my house

Zaghouan zagwane

Getting on the top on my Zaghouan’s house wich located 2 floor up my parents house, the view all around smells like if we were still living in a small viallge, and that’s the only truth about my litlle zaghouan a false town pressure scene.

Zaghouan zagwane

As I turned back, the olive trees are aligned in a small hill that makes the green line between the city and the forest, I’ve told you that Zaghouan were a too grassy ville.

Zaghouan zagwane

Looking forward, the buildings of the CNSS are still making shadown in small houses all around, those buidings are the most old in the town as they were build by the end of the 70s, the whole city where I live surrounding my house is a psread of very young construction, Zaghouan is so a young town, before the 70s it was just a gathering of andalousian style houses in the hill near to Sidi Azzouz grave.

Zaghouan zagwane Zaghouan zagwane
Zaghouan zagwane Zaghouan zagwane

Finally, a fats lookup on the neighbours tops shows some funny and excting goods : as Kaddid (dried meet), dried red peppers and a dried wood. all those makes a non sense for a urban living style, but that’s Zaghouan, the great divide between modernity and traditions, and that’s why I live it.
[The 360° Gallery]


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Infinity says:

    héhé .. pour présenter un local où on veut construire un site GSM .. mes négo doivent me fournir des panoramiques à 360 ° .. si l’un d’entre eux me ramene des photos comme les tiennes .. il sera viré sur le champs :p

  2. Karim2k says:

    Humm , Infinity we are -200 Meters in the Zaghouanian average 🙂

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