Khaled Pet Show


My little brother Khaled is proud to present you his actual pet “The turtle”, by its classic name you should get an idea about the interst he give to animals, after our cat has been deported by our fother to an unknown destination (beyoond the sun), my brother is trusting the rabbit-beater’s frienship.


The turtle’s origin is the near by woods, the front neighbour’s kid gave up that found pet to my brother as he won’t host it at his home, while my brother tiny garden is the only refuge for the unlucky crawling beast, a small green area would be much better than a pave where he’ll got a painfull diary.


My brother’s love for animals makes part of our family ideolgic heritage, besides my fother who really hates all pets of all kinds, the other member of my family are fond of zoology, my mom have passed me her love for animals while I was just 3 by offering my first brown cat, I still rember it, it was a really huge cat with a blond cutten hair, and I did get for some weeks before someone (certianly dady) send it out.
I hope that my brother pet’s show was exiting and I feel that Adib is considering the biologic and zoologic effort I do in my blog, Because I really love pets.
[Khaled Pet Show Gallery]


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Rafik says:

    Khaled the pet show boy !!!!

  2. la blogeuse says:

    K2k ton new header déchire grave !!!

  3. Karim2k says:

    Thanks bloggeuse 😉

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