9th Comic Strip show in Tazraka

9th Comic Strip in Tazraka

The Comic strip is not that kind of novels that you’ll see Tunisians focusing in the metro, the classified as 9th art is not so poppular in Tunisia and authors and novels are countable, the most famous ones are certainly those included in magazines and newspapers, everybody have red at least one time the famous Tunisian kid magazine “Irfan”(Bou Tartoura) or “Kawss Kuzah”, or what about the funny BokBok of “Lotfi Ben Sassi”, if you get in a library you’ll certainly miss local graphic novels, but don’t complain too much the comic strip is just not poppular and that’s all.
Besdie this shaemfull introduction, the 9th Comic strip show ahve tajen place last month (20-27 August 2005) in Tazaka (some 60 Km to Tunis to the north-west) that little and small town have recieved many artits all over the worlrd as the Korean Yonjoa Cheung, Belgian Frederic Blin and Stefano Comforts, French Taoufik Triki, and Tunisian Chedly Belkhamsa, Hamadi Ben Saad, Jamel Madani and Mohamed Grayaa, who have animated the workshops, a conferenbce of the hostory on arabic strips ahs been held by Houcine Tlili.

9th Comic Strip in Tazraka

The event in the only comic strip concerned in Tunisia, and we would hardly find one in all over africa and the arab nation, at it’s 9th edition beside La presse magazine no one have spotted tarazka BD (Bande Dessinée) fiesta, the show is real taste of pleasure that needs more mediatisation, unfortunally I was told too late about it and I missed taking photos and talking to peapole there, may be next year.
If you ever have been there or got related photos of even apst edition please feel free to send them to, I’m gonna very thanks.


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  1. tom says:

    snif, hoped i participate to it 😦
    but too late 😦

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