How would we setup meetups ?

Our friend Evil Drako have made a little poll abou the way we should setup next meetup, the tric is very intersting, the last 6 meetups were awesome but lately we haven’t seem too much new bloggers, the scheduling wasn’t ok for everyboy.
The Poll output is :
– Averybody must take the decision 15 % (3 votes)
– Only person is enganged setting up the event 15 % (3 votes)
– One place and a fixed date for a monthly scheduled meetup 30 % (6 votes)
– We just carry on as we’ve used to do 40 % (8 votes)
I salutate my Drako for this little study about the howto meetup should be held, personally I think that last meetup got their portions of success and as I voted for the last choice, I think that changing a bit that way, we can perhaps brush up the event, we’ve already been discussing related things, and so I recommand :
– Each meetup should set up by one or more blogger that haven’t already done before (rember that only subzeroblur, Adib and Me have already set up meetups)
– We should try to involve the bloggers that haven’t been in any meetup before or that have been only once with us.
– The place shouldn’t be always at Tunis, we may organise a bi-monthly out side Tunis meetup (as that one in Kelibia).
– Every blogger would bring with him a potentiel blogger : someone who’s the meetup would be a nice startup and buring desire to blog.
– We can also choose a theme for each blog, in that way the dicssion won’t be thrown in the air with no fixed proporsal.
– Every meetup must be announced by the bloggers involved in or not.
– After each meetup every blogger should give a little talk about the event.
In the next year as blogger number is gonna certainly rise setting up meetups will be a bigger task, al the bloggers are involved.


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