Any Given Sunday : Hey gammarth Beach make my body salty

gammarth beach

Althrough the weather wasn’t that top with a cloudy sky marking the attack of the early autumn, we’ve landed ma and Moez and Rafik in the gammarth beach next to the Résidence hotel to get our bodies dives in the waves for the last time before saying goodbye blue summer.

gammarth beach

The beach of gammarth wasn’t crowded as usual and we’ve got a wide area in the beach with no problem, we’ve been swimming for more than 2 hours in a wavy sea.

gammarth beach

It was more than funny with our digital cam we’ve been playing some kind of top model photography open-air studio …

gammarth beach

At the end of the day about (5’30) we’ve let down the beach and get back to the land, the day was really tiring and we’ve got what we’re looking for some sun, some water and a lot of fun, if you ever consider yourself going to the sea, do it now, the weather is getting awfull and awfull everydayn, this could be even the last two weeks when you’ll be able to relax on the beach, so hurry up there !
[Gammarth Bach Gallery]


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