After The 6th Tunisian Blogger Meetup

Tunisian bloggers Meetup 6

I was just wondering how things would go if ever there was a 4-5 bloggers in the fiest meetup that I’ve announced, I was really anxious and stressed, but the blog power and freindship was above all ! we were 12 bloggers ther with wfull power, even if the cafe is the classic place that any one can go to taste coffe and the beauty of Sidi Bou Said, ther was a special group that day getting out of the classical friends coffee drinkers !
First of all I want to thank all bloggers espceially Drako and SubZeroBlue for their great help preaparing the Meetup in wich were :
Evil Drako
Subzero Blue
Zizou from Djerba
The discussion wasn’t too much diferent from other times unless the same old questions of everytime, with the non-stop-talking zizou 🙂
After that long so long disuccion we got to a restaurent where we’ve spend more that 15 min trying to get a signle form table that would gathers all the bloggers and that was awesome ! it seems that eating is now a must do in our meetups !
Ther was no new bloggers else the austrain one, that come with MMM , zerzaust is impressed by Tunisia, she talks about with a big passion and fluent arabic, I like really that when foreigner share Tunisia’s love with us. The big surprise was certainly Zizou who emerged from nowhere, while we tought that he’s still ther in Morocoo, Tom was here too with his little brothers, ahh it was really excellent !
I won’t tell you more, especially those bloggers who never got off the shadow, I’m still angry and asking why they want to preserve their solo style, we won’t eat, we won’t kidpanp you , we are just bloggers who want to meet with bloggers like them ! Please , let down allm the rejection ideas and get with us for a two hous of fun !
Finally I want to thank you all ! the meetup 6 was more than excellent ! it was magic and special, I didin’t do it without you ! thank you again freinds !
[Tn Bloggers Meetup 6 gallert]

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Haitham says:

    Sorry, couldn’t find your email to send you this…
    I’ve tagged you here:
    Please have a look.
    BTW, you are doing a great job at your blog.
    Haitham Sabbah

  2. DraKo says:

    Don’t mention it
    I had a great time like always (ultra absorbante – mdrrr)
    Nice pics (except for mine :))

  3. Karim2k says:

    Yo drako I’ve taken it in the air it show that you are the funniest blogger ever !

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