Finished reading : Allah Superstar

Allah Super Star Y.B.

Born at Alger in 1968, He was journalist at “Al-waten” and “Nouvel Observateur” before moving to paris in 1998, he is the author of a typically algerian novels : Comme il a dit lui (1998), L’explication (1999), Zéro mort (2001).
The last Tunisian books fair was excellent, and thus dur to the quality of the books exposed and as I were there I’ve bought a couple of books, one of them was “Allah Superstar” of Y.B (see above), the novel is 150 pages handled in a pale pocket book, the title would certainly put in trouble any moslem and makes curious anyone.
The author is a algerian native that settled in Paris, algeria and France is a long story of passion, love and hate, the story is about an algerian young comic stepping into the showbiz, his interpretation of Bin laden’s got a real success, while the real story line is not there, but what happenned around : His nightly working father, the imam and his friends, the tragic events that surrounded the hero ar certainly the most revealant of a genration with lost roots : they are algerian and french in the same, even the author have alittle tricked in the way relationships goes between real french and algerian french, the stoiry tell us how harmfull immigration is.
Beyond the nice style life, the immigrants are locked in that never-ending trap supplying someone to find an answer to “Who I am ?”,in fact they are nor algerian nor french, and at the end Y.B. consolidates his drama showing that both colors can’t really make that mysterious mix, each side of the river is just an other psycho border…
Finally I don’t trotally agree with the author, I think that France is a better mixing bolt that he described, even the text is excellent and the scenes were deeply describeb with an infinity metaphorism and a lot alot of english and arabic words.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. DraKo says:

    Loved the book and YB writing style

  2. Karim says:

    He’s reallt talented !

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