Few moments of “I am still here…”


In the way “Home sweet home” is the best quote of everyday, I stay at home often letting down the motion down a bit, the time to recover my full strength, I’m tired of the drink parties, my girlfriends, night clubs and the girls hunt.
the myself and I are just getting boxed in my some 3×4 metres room, with my coumputer, tons of CDs and the some tens books I got. Pretending that I am better inside than outside I’m just trying to relax through some reading and a lot of games with the music coming all the time from my Altec lansing subwoofer.
I’m not angry or dispointed or unhappy, I’m just gaining some rest through a little static state, sometimes when you feel tired you just try to calm down all your fever of the outside hunt…


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  1. k-pax says:

    i know very well this impression. it gives you serenity and peace to bounce again for parties and hunting (i like this word, it expresses perfectly the state of mind of a single man who likes to fully enjoy life !) šŸ™‚

  2. Hannibal says:

    Hi Karim! thanx for the reminder.Unfortunately I missed the previous meetup but I am looking forward to the next one which I hope will take place in Tunis the Capital that I am planning to visit very soon. Just let me know when and where this meetup will be helld. By the way I found your blog enriching and interesting!

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