The Al-Andalusian truth behind April Fool’s

Andalousia is the lost paradise that Arabs, 500 years ago have let down while getting in a infinte series of drink parties and night club till the sunrise fiesta, all what remains is just a big sadness and a lot alot of mlemories of a bright past that made europe and the arabic world getting in the same melting pot for centries.
Orenta is a very bizarre blogger, but in the same he got an fluent english, rich design, excellent scripts and most of all a series of very reasonnable posts, he is an other blogger that takes his time analyzingh the facts with his own parametres.
His last post is about the anadalousian april fools rots, while reading I got unplugged tears and big sorrow, I won’t tell you more, but that piece of text is really worth reading, I’ve select an excrept :

The last stronghold of the Muslims, in Grenada, fell on April 1st, hence they considered this to be the “trick of April.” …
From that year until the present, they celebrate this day and consider the Muslims to be fools. They do not regard only the army at Granada to be fools who are easily deceived, rather they apply that to the entire Muslim ummah.

[Andalousain april fools]

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  1. Anis says:

    Karim, I think u didn’t understood the meaning of the blogger!
    He shows how fool are some muslims in UK that demonstrates in an irrational way (drinking, and smoking) how muslims lost Andalusia!
    I think he is just making fun of them !

  2. Karim says:

    It’s ahostorical approach, what’s intersting about that post is the historiacl facts and that’s not funny as you think, Tony blair’s quote was just a little comparison no more …

  3. Anis says:

    there’s nothing historical out there just a bunch of lies reported by ” Tony Blair’s moderate Muslims friends ” !
    Tony didn’t say anything !

  4. Karim says:

    Anyway, I know Andaloisia history enough to avoid reporting lies, and that article is true.

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