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A trackback is a very usefull blog linker, that’s how I’ve got my way to Yakaledo. moroccan blog : an awesome design and rich posts while the atmosphere is green (grass ??), the author is a very tech person I see myself in there, he is the kind of peapole that takes his time blogging and doesn’t post too much, but a bit slower with excellent text and fractal graphics.
The blog’s is written in a perfect english (shame on me) and a very flexible french, I’ve already made a full tour on, I think that he’s worth getting a pen in the MFS column next to adib and the other guys.
The blog is powered with b2 evolution, it was my fist blog engine 2 years ago, and I still love it, I think that he was a little dispointed with my gnwa’s post that he created a long long post, and his point of view is a little differeent from someone, he says :

France has had a long tradition of producing bands specialised in ‘métissage’ (musical fusion). Listening to the rich musical cross-over in the work of Gnawa Diffusion, it appears that this term might very well have been invented to define the innovative new sound of Amezigh Kateb’s band.

Yakaledo grassy moroccan blog


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Yaka says:

    Thank you for your nice review.
    I couldn’t have made it without this great blogosphere.

  2. Karim says:

    ALl the pleasure is mine I like to see blogs growing in they thay could improve our maghrebian relationships !

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