After The 5th Tunisian Blogger Meetup

Tunisian Kelibia Meetup 5

“A bit late is better than never” : I was really busy last three days and I justa want to make a good poste about the meetup

Tunisian Kelibia Meetup 5

The Tunisian meetup 5 have cut the habit with the other times we’ve set before, the picturesque kelibia where the event was hold is some kind of paradise, even if I knew kelibia before I’ve been there for three years (1997-2000), and that I’m originally from Melzel-Temime (12 Km tokelibia).

Tunisian Kelibia Meetup 5

Thanks to adib’s invitation we were there in kelibia some 100 km to Tunis (Tunisia main city), Me, Adib, Evil Drako, Blogeuse, Marouen, La Guilde, AquaCool, Subzero Blue. The whole cool stuff was there 50 % in the water and the other in land as the retsuarent is called “Al mansoura : Pieds dans l’eau” (Al mansoura : Feet on the water) and that’s not some kind of metaphore, check yourself the photos and you’ll see how deep our feet were in the clearly blue near water.

Tunisian Kelibia Meetup 5

We havent’ talk to much in the Drako’s style (How and where and when did you start blogging), just a little discussion about the most curious posts around, with the non-stopping talking of adib (15000 words/second), in fact we’ve taken our time eating and drinking too, I was a good boy and I’ve been clean : no beer as this is not a drink party, but drako have injected some drink party style in the meetup, so you can call it Kelibia Tn Bloggers Meetup 5 – Drink party included (Bonus track).

Tunisian Kelibia Meetup 5

The meetup was into three phases :
– Phase 1 : Al mansoura Restaurent.
– Phase 2 : a Quick visit to the Fortress.
– Pahse 3 : The Foretress near by cafe.
And that’s all folks ! See ya next boys ! and don’t forget to bring you mama with you !
[Tunisian Kelibia Meetup 5 Gallery]


4 Comments Add yours

  1. DraKo says:

    Pour commencer je trouve ton post tres drôle, et vrai sur plusieurs points.
    On as évités les questions rituelles qui deviennet soulantes entre parenthèses, je crois que c’est parceuqu’on se connait tous plus ou moins, mais à la place on à eu Adib-Haut-Débit.
    Merci pour la gallerie photo 🙂

  2. Karim says:

    Yeah It was awesome (if we just forget about the 187 TND bill)

  3. DraKo says:

    it was 203.600 TND

  4. Karim says:

    Yes, this is the new meetup’s spences record !

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