Le spiagge piu’ belle di Tunisia

Everytime I get a referee or a trackback, I automatically go there and see what are they thinking about me, this last referee is from ana italian multi-pupose blog (travel, economy, movies, …) in the travel blog, the author was talking about the best beachs in Tunisia, and guess who are the references ? Me (Mouse Hunter) and Subzeroblue when talking about Sidi El Mekki beach, He told :

Un pezzo che mi ha fatto ripensare al weblog tunisino di Mouse Hunter, che la settimana scorsa è stato alla spiaggia di Sidi El Mekki a 5 Km da Ghar El Melh, famoso covo di pirati con una fortezza medievale, a 50 Km dal centro di Tunisi. A qualche chilometro da lì si trova Capo Farina (in arabo Ras Sidi Ali el-Mekki), un’altra delle spiagge piu’ belle del paese, di cui parla Sub Zero Blue.

Translation (Yes I speak Italian amore mio)

A piece that has made me to rethink about the Tunisian weblog of Mouse Hunter, Who, the past week, has been in Sidi El Mekki beach 5 Km from Ghar El Melh (50 Km from Tunis), famous as broods of pirates with one medieval fortress. To some kilometer from there you’ll head to Capo Farina (in arabic Ras Sidi Ali el-Mekki), an other of the best beach in the country, which Subzeroblue speaks about .

I feel proud that my blogging effort won’t feed the wind like dust, but mirrors the beauty of Tunisia.
[Le spiagge piu’ belle di Tunisia(Italian)]


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Francesco says:

    Much obliged!
    Now on with the best restaurants in town…. any suggestions from you and your readers?
    Ciao, grazie e buon lavoro

  2. Karim says:

    I’m gonna try to catch some info about, thanks for you too !

  3. Yaka says:

    I think it shouldn’t be hard to find fine restaurants in Tunisia 🙂
    ps: very nice blog by the way.

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