Just a reminder : Kelibia bloggers meetup

I ensire you that there is no tornado this weeken, no flying cows or alien invasion, just a fist of jerky bloggers for theit doing their ritual of “How di you start bloggin’… “, so bloger or not come on cool peapole we are waiting for you this Saturday July 13 you can bring your friends too, your mama or maybe your pet (Hippos, elephants are not allowed), this meetup is coming soon, don’t be a mad, don’t miss the fun !
The Adbis’s list of bloggers is :
– Subzero
– Aquacool
– Drako
– Blogeuse
– Amir
– Ijja belkaviar
– Geronimo
– Seif
– Adib
– Mouse Hunter
– Vent du nord
– Skywalker XP
– Saydoun
– Marouen bloging his life
– Iskander ben mustapha
[More Info here]


2 Comments Add yours

  1. adib says:

    trés belle invitation!

  2. Marouen says:

    Drake will be there with his questions …. it’s funny to wonder what will be his next tricky one ….

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