Nancy Ajran Defines Terrorism


nancy ajram

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram announced that she will keep her previous engagement and will be going to Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt on July 30 and 31, despite the recent tragic bombing, which took the lives of 64 innocent people.
Nancy expressed that she intends to defy terrorism and will not allow terrorism to keep her or anyone for that matter from living her life. Nancy also noted that she will keep her prescheduled trip to Egypt because she has deep feelings of love for Egypt and its people and feels its her duty to show them support in such times.

This is the best, a 5% body-covered shitty singer is spolighting the terrorism while she is terrorising a whole nation with her stupid music and sexy body, who can admit that Nancy have a brain unless a pot of dollars, her manager is the text maker of that meaningless speech.
She can defy terrorism sure, but not that way, simply by letting down her career of slut and stopping prentedning making music for the good of the arabic nation, in that she would certainly have a hand is redcing terrorism impact…
[Nancy Ajram Zone]


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  1. karima says:

    hi i am ur biggest fan

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