Tunisian English Press : Tunisia News Newspaper

Tunisia news newspaper

Tunisian press is almsot written in arabic as it the primary language of the nation, then you can find some french written newspapers and magazines, and finally the only english written paper edition press is “Tunisia News” newspaper.
The “Tunisia News” is a weekly newspaper founded by Tijani Haddad, 12 years old and 622 issues, the newspaper is a little hardly foundable in newspaper shops, in fact Tunisian don’t read english too much, the aim of “Tunisia news” is providing a news line in english, the most of readers are eighter foreigners who wants to get an eye on the local press or fanatic tunisian english peaple.
The articles inside are not so much famous and don’t go in depth with events, but it covers the local events clearly with a very good english writing along the 16 pages (a littlke tiny newspaper). The inside in full of articles about tunisian most importants happenings with a little tries of spreading local culture.
The 16 pages Tunisiang english written newspaper costs 1 D.T (less than 1USD) and the paper quality is the best ever, the test is very clearly readable, the front and the back colors are in colors, if you even get in Tunisia don’t forget to get it, as you can’t read arabic or french, it’s the best way to get infomed about what’s happening in the country.

Tunisia news newspaper galite

I have choosen this article focused on the famous island of galite.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. trevor@ says:

    So why haven’t they yet made you their online editor?

  2. Karim says:

    They think that I’m drunk 90 % of the time, who wants to do marketing with a gallon of beer ?

  3. Marouen says:

    They will get gratis from the plane if they are on TunisAir airlines

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