Al Arabi Magazine July 2005 : Special Dossier about Tunisian Sahara


I’ve always been exposing Al arabi Magazine (in arabic) as a leading arabic magazine, but this time I’ll talk about in english as this special July issue is foscusing in Tunisian south.
The dossier is a 14 pages with text and many many photos, featuring Dr. Al Mensy Kendil as reporter and Slimane Haydar fot the photos, the whole dossier is excellent revealing the fantastic beauty of the desert know as dry and unpoppulated, In fact the Tunisian south is too more than the yellowish sands, with oasis, culture and many many fasination.
The photographers have grabbed alsmot everything : peapole, landscape, buildings, and much more, his camera waere enoughto express a beauty that marks a hard living territory. His photos are awesome as much for quality as for shoots plan.
I have already scanned the whole dossier and make it available for download for those intested to read about it, If you don’t speak arabic, there’s no problem the photos inside are just enough sepakfull.
[Al Arabi July 2005 : Tunisian Sahara dossier PDF]


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  1. OMER says:

    no comments

  2. Imed Chihi says:

    Thanks a million for this, I had exactly zero chance of seeing the dossier without your great blog!

  3. Je souhaite recevoir un exemplaire de votre magazine, en arabe, pour consulation.
    Voici mon adresse:
    Nabil Nait Slimane
    Fetoune Chellata
    06205 Akbou W Béjaïa

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