One blog created ‘every second’


The blogosphere is continuing to grow, with a weblog created every second, according to blog trackers Technorati.

The growth of the Blogs is nothing more than an other sign of success of its communication aim, in fact the classic Homepage were unable to handle such dynamic and rich content. In fact blogging is easier than ever, will a tiny toolbox and some ideas amanged with text and pictures you can throw your message easier.
The other most important side of the blogs is that they are personal submerging in a community concentration, for a blogger he is posting his own thouights that belongs to his belonging as ethnic and religious beeings.
As concerned Tunisian blogshoer have been following that model of nationalism in many tunisian blogs and despite the anynousity of its writer you’ll smell the tunisian Yasmine flowing around, while that blogs are focusing in national speech it spreads back a real image of our country and by the way the maghrebian, africain, arabic and moslems style.
The growth of tunisian blogsphere is a little slow, supersonic comparared to morroco and algeria, Lybia and mouritania are kept back, I can count 5 new blogs every two months no more, but I think that peapole reading blogs have been multiplied by 10 last 2 years and that’s the starway to new blogers, I predict that blogs will explose next year as the SDL connection would become cheaper and cover more districts.
There is a big question romaing around the every second new born, in this jungle of blogging, would the blogpshere get a breath ? In other ways, if we have more blogs than ever, would be able to write effeicenly and get more readers ? As a blog entity I’m wondering that blog would turn like old style homepages meaningless and unvisited, with the rise of professionals blogs, peronel blogs would turn damned.
By myside i’m planning many improvement for my blog, I just need some vacation as my holiday can’t be fixed till I finish my actual tasks, may be in a month…
[The supersonic blogs growth (BBC)]

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  1. Hatem says:

    Yeah multiplying 10×10 makes 100 while 100×100 make 10 000 !! and the difference is BIG :))

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