Ghazi Al Ayadi and the mystery of the coffee Killing glass


You’ve certainly heard about the famous tunisian singer that have been -as press concluded- behind the death of waiter employed in Ghazi’s own cafe in the Olympic city (some 5 Km to the town centre).
It seems that Ghazi Al ayadi (In the upper left corner) has tried to fire the victim (in the lower right corner) as he were working in that cafe -where myself and the boys used to go- as a waiter till 5 years with all the social coverage, but the judge have been in favor of the waiter’s go back at his work. In a raged dispute between Ghazi and th victim, the talened singer (talented ? Heinn) has send a glass (others siad that it were a whole bottle) into the victim’s head, getting wounded the victim has made a complaint in the police office and then took the hospital.
Some days later the victim have expressed aches in his head getting worse and worse, at the hospital he was urgently hospitalised as his case was extremly dangerous, willing to be operated, the victim didn’t survive…
And now times the rumours :
First of all, some unofficial medical sources said that the victim waere alrerady suffering from a certain diseace trigged by Ghazi’s Killing glass.
Then, it seems that the presumed killer have fleed to Egypt… Maybe to make up a new super shitty album ?
And finally, some other unoffcially source have told me directly that Ghazi was under arrest after the wiater’s death and that he’s gonna be sentenced soon.
between thus and that, we hope that the glass wasn’t the tool of death that would jail the smooth criminal voice behind the scene …
[Source : Al Jumhuria Tunisian Newspaper 28 July]
[An other version (french) at Babnet]


One Comment Add yours

  1. seif says:

    il s’est cassé avant la mort du serveur !!
    ca c d’une source sure!!

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