The facts about the Ghar el melh’s 3rd international photographers meetup


As posted weeks ago, the 3rd international photographers meetup that have take place in Ghar el melh and as I were with the beer boys getting to the beach, I’ve made a little break to take a look to one of the two photo exposition at exactly midday, I’ve encounted no photographers there the should been in the beach or gettin their lunch time.
The first impression that fills you while getting there is the fortress you get in and you’ll imprerssed twice as that building is so old attrackting the all the new waves of photographers from all over the wolrd, most of the expositions were a tile of shots taken in Tunisia.
I were really dazzled in front of the artwork in every room, the perfection of the shot (technically), and the scene itself were more than a static mix of colors, every photo was a story or a piece of a dream, I’ve seen also some other non realistic technics as blur and black and white, and I’ve felt myself screaming inside so much I was totally sold looking in pain to the some hundreds of photos.
In fact there was not so much visitors there, the only peapole were scouts and some foreigners, and even if the beach were crowded that day with more than 3 thtousands of peapole, I haven’t met nobody interested to get there, a real waste why we don’t make a double pleasure one for the beach and one for the photos ? Don’t care and continue sleeping with the fishes.
I haven’t got enough time to visit the second gallery some hundreds of meters in the way heading to the beach, and the wrokshops and the round tables were all scheduled the evnning and by night and as I don’t have no other issue than following Blanco, I have were really upset to miss a so exciting event, may be next year.
[Ghar el melh’s 3rd international photographers meetup Gallery]


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