After The 4th Tunisian Blogger Meetup


The boys have set the The 4th Tunisian Blogger Meetup and as blogged by subzeroblue the meetup was an other total success even with 13 bloggers.

I was very upset tom iss the vent, but it’s certainly due to the bad planning and the lack mediatisation, I don’t blame noone unless myself and a Tom, chikipi was here in Tunis, I haven’t got the time to phone him, he would certainly be there with me… , it doesn’t matter next time in Klibia I’ll get there the first !
Zizou how do you dare this ?

Friday, July 29, 2005
meet up IV
Ca y’est Marouen is back et il a réussi dans l’urgence a nous organiser le meet up du mois de juillet.
Bravo marouen ! donc ca sera demain le vendredi 29 à 19h au Biwa café au berges du lac . j’y serai compte sur moi !
pour ceux qui n’ont pas été là au premier meet up au Biwa je vous invite a lire un post que j’ai fait suite au premier meet up : Biwa.
posted by zizou from Djerba @ 1:49 AM

[Via Subzeroblue]


2 Comments Add yours

  1. tom says:

    sorry man, myself i was there late !
    I agree with you that it was planned in hurry, but as says a tunisian proverb “el 3ebra fi el moucharka” 😉
    C ya … cooooool

  2. Troubadour says:

    We missed u Karim!!!! elmarra ejjeya inchallah, j’espere ke tt le monde sera la!

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