A green day at Ghar El Melh


Two weeks ago, Me , Blanco and two of his friends we’ve been in a ride to one of most picturesque beaches of Tunisi : Ghar El melh and as it were so hot we’ve loaded some beer ripped into ice.
Getting in the highway we’ve strating degustating that green unholy sweet drink, and as you know I am beer man so that’s no so fame.
Ghar El melh is some 50 km to Tunis (Tunisia Main City), the old town stands in the eastren hills with naroow streets and low buildings in a very special style that remembers the Abbassi’s times with their fortress and old harbor. The beach is a lillte far away the town, some 5 km to the west, if you don’t have a car, a continiuous bus will take you next to the new harbor, but you’d better try to get there in a car.
The beah is a piece of paradise when sea collide with a the green moutain, this is “SIDI El Mekki” beach, This saint have settled in a nowhere place with a deep view to the sea, he should be a cool man. Me and the boys have taken our time swiming two by two and getting a little rest on the golden sandy beach, the water was awesome and we’ve been exhausted swimming.
That was wonderfull even if the beach was overcrowded as it were a hyper hot sunday, where cars were parked kilomters away, if you’re thinking beach get there if possibile mid week and you’ll get your right dose of pleasure.
[Gher El Melh Beach day gallery]


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