Ghar el Melh 3rd International Photographers meetup


ghar el melh photography meetup
The international Meetup of photographers will take place in Ghar el melh [Ghar il milh] (Port Farina) next to the old port from July 15 till 18.
ghar el melh photography meetup
The encounter will gather a fist of tunisians photographer as Hamideddine Bouali, Marianne Catzaras, Nicolas Fauqué, Faten Gaddès, Jallel Gastli and a tens of foreigns professionals : Bernard Guillot (France); Xavier de Luca (spain); Erkut Onart (Turky); Jonathan Beacom (Malt).
ghar el melh photography meetup
The goal of this event is to open up to the world and to set a plateform where noivce and professionnal should meet together and exchange ambitions and technics held in a series of debates , round trables, worshops and nightly projection of photographs works.
A special workshop titled “PixelMania” around digital photography is in the mlenu too as it is the way most of novice use nowadays (As I always been that jerk).
A competition about solodarity in Tunisia is sponsored by the Tunisian ministy of Scoial afairs.
The event is too exiting, and even is Adel’s car is out of range (He’s leaving to Jerba foe a while), I’m just relying on My friend Blanco to get there in the weekend, If ever you’re willing to go there the friday give me a sign I’ll appreciate someone carrying a cat in his BMW 🙂
For Further information read the Pdf edition of last sunday La presse magazine [French]


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