Summer body shaking protocol


The summer is on, that’s not a scoop as you can feel the heat while waliking under that pityless sun, we can endure it although we have to migrate to the north pole, all that is still fine, but the most brain dumping event of the 45°C season are the festivals, they are everywhere, local, national and international titled ou untitiled, we can clearly notice new ones coming every year, and we can see even many festivals in the same town…
All this is cool, peapole need to relax, summer is made of sun and fun noone would be blammed cheking down a bit of pleasure time, the question is :who are making all that noise work fine ? the answer is easy : The same must-dance stuff, you know the same caracters of a fallen comedy : we have the classics : Nacy Ajram, Walid Tawfik, Iheb Tawfik, … (I’m sure that the names doesn’t matter) in fact classics by the way they will undoubtly come and sing their shit while the peapole are doing tunisian stupid body shaking-up in an amphitheatre turned a roman shame by it’s abuse of historical beeings.
Yes, i’m a bastard and you can call me Papa by the way, I have all that hitchcockish scenery, what’s up there ? a sing locked to his microphone while the public have released all it’s pain through his body till the awfull next moring get up late and make shame of the buse and the metro or the traffic…
How old is carthage festival ? 41 years ! how much he changed his image ( a self consuming ritual ) ? never it has been always a buy ticket protocol while stars getting more rich and the specators falls in debts, in fact tickets are a bit expensive, if you are willing to take a little family to get to Latifa Arfawi concert you’ll certianly spend about 1/5 of your salary !
Don’t panic, i’m just talking to those who can hear my voice from the underground, take it easy : it’s show time ! go spend your money and dance like a fool ! I don’t mind about your fuck**g need to deliberte your stress or manage your anger, beacause if such tricks are working great it should be thanks to your wallet and shaking skills.
I remember that the great palastanian singer Marcel Khalifa some years ago got in carthage festival and started to sing with all the pain inside his message to drunk world, the peapole have converted easily his tears into a dancing fiesta… Marcel didn’t endure that scandal and left the zombies alone, he never get back in Tunisia till 2003 or 2004 (don’t remember exactly).
In the other hand we’ve have quality festivals such as Tabarka Internationnal Jazz festival, this one is great and getting smarter every year making a real proud of our nation, Why we don’t developp such festivals ? we can make it better ! we can bring quality singers from multiple countries that don’t make green the Holy Rotana Kiss My Ass TV propaganda.
The conclusion is that we have a big show time with a tiny real art inside, what we have to do is to sharp more and more.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Abdou says:

    I remember that the great palastanian singer Marcel Khalifa : marcel khalifa is not palsanian, he is lebaneese …

  2. iDip says:

    indeed Marcel Khalife is a great artist, I had the privilege to attend one of his concerts last year, “caress” is my favourite track of his.
    before leaving,
    Karim, you have a real good blog, keep it up.

  3. Karim says:

    Thanks Idip , yours rocks too, keep on grooving !

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